Sanctions of the collective West actively affect the development of transportation through Kaliningrad

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In February 2022, the EU countries closed the airspace
for Russian aircraft. Russia in response closed the air for
air carriers from 36 countries. How does the sphere develop in such conditions

Zhanna Mailer, the editor-in-chief of the Royal Gate magazine, found out about air transportation in the Kaliningrad region, which is separated from the country.  

Khrabrovo Airport was hit with figures for April 2023 and saw a rapid
growth in passenger traffic — more than 40% plus compared to April
2022. If we make a comparative analysis for the first four months, the growth by
compared to last year, about 13-15%. And even comparing the figures with
the figures of the record for the Kaliningrad region in 2021, when
the airport almost fell short of four million passengers,
the company’s economists still record an increase.

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