FESCO has started to carry out transportation on the route to Kaliningrad

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The first train with 120 TEU was sent on March 16, 2023. It is planned that
trains with containers loaded mainly with construction
materials, equipment, toys, pulp and paper and
sanitary products will run weekly.
The travel time from Moscow to Kaliningrad is four days, two
for the railway and sea parts of the route (photo: FESCO).

FESCO Transport Group organized the delivery of goods to
Kaliningrad on a new multimodal route bypassing Lithuania. Service
The Moscow BalticShuttle Group (FMBS) provides for the delivery
of mainly imported cargo coming from Far Eastern ports
in containers by train from the Moscow TLC “White Rast” to the port “Bronka”
of St. Petersburg, where they are loaded onto ships and followed to
Kaliningrad on the regular FESCO coaster line between the ports of Bronka
and Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad region. 

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